Coaching groups is also different from coaching a team in a corporate environment. Team coaching is when all members in the group are focused on the same goal.

But when you coach groups, individual members have their own goals although all members may be in a similar phase or timeframe in their life or business.

And because each member has their own goals, it’s important to identify the overarching theme for your group coaching program.

You can decide on any theme based on your interest, expertise, experience, and niche as a coach.

Your theme might be around starting and growing a successful business so your group could be for entrepreneurs looking to build their business from zero all the way to 6-figures.

Maybe you’re thinking of starting a group coaching program for first-time moms or empty nesters. Maybe your theme is on weight loss if you’re a health coach or finding “the one” if you’re a relationship coach.

Whatever you decide, your theme will ultimately connect each individual member with everyone else so there’s a cohesive, common thread that pulls people together in your group.

Some business owners know they need coaching, but aren’t ready to commit to a one-on-one level of mentorship. Group coaching allows business owners to participate in regular weekly or semi-weekly sessions with their coach and other business owners. The sessions address specific elements to inspire positive change in their respective organizations. This program educates on best business practices and teaches business leaders how to grow revenues and profits.

Group coaching is the perfect way to learn about the coaching process before taking the step to one-to-one coaching.