Start Up and Small Business Coaching

Small business owners who want to take their company to the next level can achieve great results with our many coaching programs.  By mapping out goals for your business and your employees, you can easily make changes to increase productivity and success.

  • Set goals and benchmarks
  • Remove obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs
  • Break down barriers
  • Plan, prioritize and put into action!

How does Business Coaching work?

As a partner and trusted advisor, a business coach works synergistically with leaders to eliminate the struggle and heaviness from their organization.

Clients learn the seven critical success factors and we teach them how to design a company culture where all employees look forward to participating at an extraordinary level. Over time what evolves is an organization that’s highly productive and very profitable. Our specialty is Transformation; powerful, lasting change that employees learn to love; they are inspired by their work and their organization thrives in this or any economy.

Do you want to have this year be a year that really matters?

This could be the year that you look back and remember as extraordinary, a year that stands out above all of the rest. You can choose to play full out, be intentional and not allow your fears and circumstances to become the master of your life. Or, you could have this year be another ho hum year, wallowing around in your story. A story that’s filled with regret, mediocrity and self-drama.  Life is a choice; choose what you want and make that your passion, go after your dreams as though your life depends on it!

Your Business Coach:

  • Is on your team to support your consistent actions as an accountability partner
  • Asks thoughtful questions help you discover the best path for you and your business
  • Shares the secrets of highly successful entrepreneurs
  • Holds you at your PEAK potential
  • Helps you get unstuck when you know what to do and are not doing it
  • Is committed and excited about your growth and reaching your goals

Benefits you will receive from business coaching:

  • Shortcuts to your goals and dreams “knock years off your success timeline”
  • Help to accelerate your personal and business growth
  • A “mirror” for you to discover and eliminate negative mental blocks and blind spots
  • Powerful new ideas and perspectives
  • Motivation and challenges you to your highest potential
  • Help for you focus and prioritize
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Who should have a coach?